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Be anything you want to be.. but don’t be a liar.

Something is happening. My once sweet, SWEET baby is turning on me. The sass that is erupting from the top of her head is insane. I’m pretty sure she has been body snatched, but instead of leaving her some emotionless … Continue reading

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Today’s word is “INTOLERANCE”

Intolerance: Unwillingness to accept view, beliefs or behavior that differ from one’s own…. I used think myself a very tolerant person. Live and let live, ya know? Turns out, I am NOT! I don’t know if it’s something that has … Continue reading

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You will have fun whether you like it or not.

The.Holidays.Are.HEEEEEERRRRREEEE. It’s still one thousand degrees outside in the afternoon but the mornings and evening are cool and I’m starting to see my neighbors outside and smell ALL the pumpkin spice; I am excited! What’s more exciting, though, is that this … Continue reading

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You’re not allowed to date just because I died.

During a recent get together, I overheard a friend (a husband and father of three) say, “Yeah, I think if (Blank) ever died, I would want to find someone who also has kids. They know the struggle of being a … Continue reading

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My inner 21yr old is barfing.

Don’t be this guy. I feel like I can’t say this enough. If you are in your fifties, you have NO business dating twenty-something year olds. ZE-RO business. I know I don’t stand alone here…like, we all agree that its … Continue reading

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Cardio is HARDIO pt1

My name is Erin and I have a kangaroo pouch. It’s okay… it’s bullshit but it’s ok. So today, like most days, I took my unenthused behind to the gym. CARDIO DAY!!!  I really only went because I was supposed to … Continue reading

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No vapors of any kind.

  My big sister, Sarah, is getting MARRIED!! In just two short weeks from today she will be officially become Mrs. Randy Randerson and to celebrate her bachelorette-hood coming to an end we purchased fancy dresses, road beers and sensible … Continue reading

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