Today’s word is “INTOLERANCE”


Unwillingness to accept view, beliefs or behavior that differ from one’s own….

I used think myself a very tolerant person. Live and let live, ya know? Turns out, I am NOT! I don’t know if it’s something that has been brewing in me all my life… or if the realization that I am in charge of molding my babies into well adjusted human beings has thrown me into a state of absolute intolerance. If you are a participant of any of the following behavior you might consider keeping your distance from me unless you want a spot in my voodoo doll collection. (It doesn’t exist yet, but it will…. oh it will!)


That’s right fellas, you’re up first. I don’t know who gave you the idea that you are the superior species…. but this has got to end. In case you haven’t noticed, women are no longer the submissive, malleable creatures of the past. We have brains and voices and thanks to the trailblazing of our peers, we use them. So let me tell you that referring to us as “bitches” or “females” or “broads” is officially “GROSS”. Look at us if you must, but unless you are invited, PLEASE don’t touch. Don’t assume we are weak because we show compassion towards most others and ALL stray animals. And if you happen to be this type of man, don’t expect us to take your shit for very long… we spend many hours watching “Snapped”. We know how to end you while you’re sleeping and make it look like we cuddled you to death.


People that weigh in on my parenting.

It is okay for you to not like the way I parent. It is okay for you to talk shit about my parenting to your friends and family, whatever. But if you decide to tell me, to my face, that you don’t like how I am raising MY children, do so at your own risk. Your “constructive criticism” about how I run my household is unwelcome. I won’t respond with a “Oh! Thank you for that insight, Deborah!”. It’ll be more like “Hey Deborah, I didn’t say a word when you gave your kid a Mountain Dew at 7pm last night, so how about you pipe down or maybe get your kid checked for Diabetes or something” If you see me spanking one of my children and you are just HORRIFIED, use me as a tool to scare your own kids into loving you more. “See kids, you could have Erin as a mother. At least I don’t HIT you!” If you meet my kids you see that they are flippin’ awesome, probably due to my parenting, so back off.(Except Roman, don’t judge me by looking at Roman. He is his father’s kid until he turns 4.)

People that are STILL racist and/or homophobic

I’m not going to spend 200 words explaining why. You know what year it is. Get your act together or we can’t be friends…..ever… even if there is a fire.

People that tell me to smile more.

Want me to hate your guts immediately? Suggest that I look more friendly….oh God, I hate it! “Why do you look so mad?” or  “Smile, it’s not so bad”. How do you know its “not so bad” today? What if my uncle just died? Doesn’t matter if its beautiful day outside, I’m not smiling. Don’t suggest that I’m so much prettier when I’m smiling, pal. I’m not here to be pretty. You know what makes me smile? People not telling me what to do with my face. Or any other part of my body for that matter.

Women that are mean to other women.

For me, this is the most unbearable offense. I can not understand why women feel the need to tear each other down. C’mon ladies! How are we supposed to demand the respect of others when we are not kind to one another. Stop with the shaming and all the judgy-ness. Enough with the side eyeing! We should be encouraging each other and supporting one another and there is NOTHING more disgusting that seeing an otherwise respectable lady burn another for some shallow nonsense. “Ugh, she needs to put her boobs away” No, YOU need to tuck your insecurities to bed. She doesn’t need to chill with her lifestyle. She doesn’t need to stop dressing in only sweatpants. She doesn’t need to stop flaunting her success and SHE is not responsible for the behavior of YOUR      boyfriend/husband/son/father …….

Gosh… it felt really good to get that off my chest.

Just to recap. If you are barfy—

I don’t dig you… and there is a good chance nobody else digs you.




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