Omg, you guys! It’s been SO long since I’ve been able to post. Not because I haven’t had anything to tell you, but between work and wedding planning I just haven’t had the time to sit and gather my thoughts into anything coherent. But something happened today… something SO important I HAD to share with ya’ll.

Mykah invited her bestfriend, Chloe, to stay the night tonight. So after work, I picked up Mykah, Chloe and the baby, and headed for the gym.

Now, the whole ride over was just a blur of 8 year old girl chat, mostly about what each girl had been doing all summer because they hadn’t seen one another since Mykah left for Oklahoma last month. They discussed their new pokemon cards and Tomogachis–Tomagachis?(sp)(I’m not googling the correct spelling). Nothing noteable until we arrived to Mountainside.

As I was unbuckling Roman from his carseat, I heard Chloe tell Mykah some BS story about how bees won’t sting her, LOL. Not that she has never been stung by a bee… but that all the bees in the land gathered and decided, together, to never sting this little girl. While they are walking and chatting, I can hear Mykah speaking softer and softer– trying to get Chloe to also quiet down…either because she knew I would chime in and totally debunk what her friend was saying or because she was trying to learn the secret art of bee charming. She even SSSSHHHHd the girl. That’s when Chloe uttered the most beautiful words.

“What, she can know…she’s part of the squad”

Did I just hear that correctly? I’m a part of the SQUAD?!? …. and then Mykah said,

“Yea, she is”

My eyes and heart grew 3 flippin’ sizes! I nearly melted into the pavement. This is FINALLY happening–I’m a part of a squad! Ugh! I’ve been rejected from basically every girl group, ever. Obviously because I’m too pretty.. or smart.. or funny or whatever. Not anymore, suckers! And double points for being a cool mom, too. Not like “I’ll let you drink at my house or text boys” cool. But like ” We can shared super bee powers with her” cool.

I was so excited that I super cool-y opened the gym door—forgetting that Roman was still walking in front of me– and smacked him SQUARE IN THE FOREHEAD! Sorry loser, Squad coming through!


*jk… I totes felt bad for hitting the baby.


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2 Responses to Squad

  1. Darlene Dee says:

    Hahaha hilarious. I would bet an 8yo girls squad is way more fun than anything else anywhere ever. Congratulations! 😂


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